Andriol Testocaps

Andriol Testocaps

Brand: Healing Pharma
Product Code: 638b
Availability: In Stock
Package: 40 mg/caps. (30 caps.)
Substance: testosterone undecanoate

The pharmaceutical company Healing Pharma has developed this testosterone undecanoate for those athletes seeking to gain muscle mass and increase overall strength. This steroid has particularly high anabolic properties. The 40mg capsules themselves contain the esterified hormone dissolved in oil, which allows it to be absorbed through the lymphatic system which keeps it from being destroyed by liver enzymes. With a bioavailability of approximately 7%, this drug is non-toxic and will help to maintain a steady level of testosterone all day.

Effects Of Andriol:

While this drug is used in the medical field for multiple treatments, in the world of athletes it is commonly used for building muscle mass, strength, and overall masculinization. Another benefit of this steroid is the reduction of masses of adipose tissue while also making the athlete leaner. It has been scientifically confirmed to increase bone strength, increase gains of lean muscle mass, increase endurance and stamina, and increase the production of red blood cells which makes it ideal for athletes in the bodybuilding and weight lifting communities.

How To Use:

These 40mg capsules need to be taken at the end of meals, since that is the only way the active ingredients can be properly absorbed by the body. It's important to note that it should not be taken with greasy foods as it won't absorb into the lymphatic system properly. This steroid is not to be used by women and is for men only. If using the drug with the sole intention of increasing testosterone levels a dose of 120mg to 160mg daily is recommended. For athletes looking for a more powerful anabolic effect a dose of 240mg is recommended. The pills are to be taken orally 3 times per day, taking 2 capsules each time after eating. Effects must be monitored carefully at this dosage. Athletes must not increase the dosage, or they run the risk of serious side effects.


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