Trenbolone Base: Greatest Anabolic Steroid?

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Trenbolone base is a steroid that has no ester attached with it. It is one of the most popular anabolic steroid that is available in the market. It has some variants. The two most common variants of Trenbolone base are Trenbolone enanthate and Trenbolone acetate. The basic hormone for these two are exactly same but they have different half-life. This difference is because of the different esters attached with them. Before proceeding, you should keep this fact in mind that Trenbolone is a veterinary drug that is designed to be used on animals. Trenbolone is very powerful. Most of the bodybuilders consider that all the stories about severe side effects of Trenbolone are highly overstated.

What Trenbolone Base Really is?

Most of the reviews provided by users on multiple blogs, forums and discussion boards have stated that the best results are obtained using Trenbolone acetate. Strength on each milligram is significantly higher. Trenbolone acetate is considered as much powerful than the Trenbolone enanthate, although the ester attached with Trenbolone enanthate is long. The available doses of Trenbolone acetate is 50mg to 100mg. while Trenbolone enanthate has 200mg dose available. Trenbolone doses are taken frequently. The recommended dose of Trenbolone acetate is 200mg to 400mg in a week. While the recommended dose of Trenbolone enanthate is around 400 to 600mg per day. This difference is huge due to the esters attached with Trenbolone.

Effects of Trenbolone on Testosterone

Trenbolone has significant impact on the natural production of testosterone in the body. it suppresses the natural production of testosterone in very harsh and severe way. Therefore, you should always take a testosterone supplement when you are on a Trenbolone cycle.

Trenbolone counterattacks the aromatization and prevents the conversion of testosterone in estrogen. Due to this reason many users believe that they can take Proviron or HCG to keep their testosterone elevated. Even though, Trenbolone stops the testosterones from being converted to estrogen, sometimes users can still experience the estrogenic side effects like retention of water and development of male breasts (gynecomastia). This is because of the progesterone properties of Trenbolone. Many users attempt to prevent this from happening by using aromatase inhibitor.

Many users believe that using a proper aromatase inhibitor and taking a healthy diet can prevent the testosterone to aromatize and avoid the estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia and water retention in body. This is not a universal method that is applicable on every individual.

You must preserve the natural testosterone levels in the body. some users believe that taking huge amount of Proviron with lower dose of Trenbolone can maintain the testosterone level but there is no evidence for this claim. The conclusion from this discussion is that Trenbolone would definitely suppress the natural production of testosterone in the body.

Trenbolone and Deca

One major question comes in the mind of most steroid user is that whether it is possible to stack Trenbolone base with Deca Durabolin. The same question arises between Trenbolone enanthate and equipoise. There are some users who combine Trenbolone enanthate and Deca Durabolin in one cycle to get some added benefits. You should keep this thing in mind that increasing the dose and frequency of injections would also increase the risk of side effects and negative impacts.

Mostly athletes and bodybuilders stack Trenbolone and Deca Durabolin in a cycle and take some testosterone as well. This practice is done in off-season. Mostly body builders and experienced steroid users recommend taking Deca Durabolin for 12 weeks and then take Trenbolone enanthate for the last 8 weeks. They should take testosterone for the whole 20-week period. This combination can provide huge results.

Trenbolone is equally effective in both the cutting as well as bulking cycle. You have multiple choices of stacking any compound in a Trenbolone cycle. the only thing that you should consider is that one of the compound should be male hormone i.e. testosterone. Trenbolone base, without any ester. Has the ability to reduce the libido and other testosterone affected functions of the body. there are many bodybuilding discussion forums that suggests that taking 100mg weekly is the best way to uphold the amount of testosterone in the body. When the body notices that enough amount of testosterone is being entered in the body, it sends a signal to testicles to stop the production of testosterone in the body. You should also understand that too much amount of testosterone in the body can cause negative impact on the immune system.

Side Effects of Trenbolone Base

Trenbolone is basically the altered form of Nandrolone, it is the artificially modified formula of the chief male hormone testosterone. You should never misjudge the probability of side effects that are associated with any of the anabolic steroid. Individuals who have prior medical history and are sensitive to steroids are likely to experience more side effects than the normal users. Users should never mock or ignore the effects of Trenbolone. Trenbolone is highly androgenic in nature and the possibilities of androgen related side effects is also high. These side effects include growth of body hair, facial acne and sometimes accelerated loss of hair. The speed of these side effects depends upon the prior medical history of the individuals. Some people experience these side effects at the beginning and some at the end. The androgenic ability of Trenbolone is slightly combated by the 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. You should initiate the cycle with lower dose like 100mg to find out how the body will react to the substance.

Trenbolone is purely non-estrogenic in nature due to which it fights aromatization effects. This can help in preventing estrogen related side effects like water retention. However, users might still experience gynecomastia problem due to the progestin nature of Trenbolone. The progesterone is responsible for encouraging the estrogenic activities in the mammary tissues that can lead towards gynecomastia. There are many individuals who would not experience gynecomastia. The side effects vary from person to person due to different nature of individual. You should take an anti-estrogen that can prevent these side effects to certain extent.

One thing that you should always keep in mind is that, the balance of the hormones in your body must be equal. If the balance is disturbed, there might be some serious negative impacts on the overall body. If you are willing to use any of the anabolic steroid, then you should be ready for all the side effects and negative impacts.