Dianabolos 10

Dianabolos 10

Brand: Pharmacom Labs
Product Code: 12002
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Package: 10 mg/tab. (100 tab.)
Substance: methandienone oral

Dianabolos 10 (Methandienone) for beginners is relevant both in terms of power action, and in terms of security. This may not be the “easiest drug,” but it cannot be attributed to the most potent one either. Side effects while observing the recommended doses, duration and frequency of use are rare, fluid retention is present, but moderate for mass-gathering needs (as noted above, the steroid is designed to be used mainly for weight gain).

The effects of Dianabolos 10

For beginners, and not only athletes: increased strength, increased stamina, rapid increase in muscle mass, increased appetite, reduced body fat (there is a small fat-burning effect), strengthen the skeletal system, improve joint function due to better lubrication.

Side effects of the Dianabolos

estrogen-dependent side effects (from fluid retention to gynecomastia), androgenic disorders (from acne to greasy skin), the effects of decreased testosterone production and hepatotoxicity. For the most part, these are potential disorders that occur with a predisposition.

Dosages of Dianabolos 10

For beginner bodybuilders are allowed no more than 30-50 mg per day in tablet form and 30 mg per day in injection form. The steroid has also gained distribution among athletes who are used in doses of about 5-10 mg on a daily basis. The recommended duration of admission is 6-8 weeks. Longer periods are not advised in connection with hepatotoxicity and a general increase in side effects.

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